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10505051 Effect of transport on pituitary responsiveness to exogenous pulsatile GnRH and oestradiol-induced LH release in intact ewes.  
11280784 Up-Regulation of Bcl-2 in microvascular endothelial cells enhances intratumoral angiogenesis and accelerates tumor growth.  
18176352 Functional recovery of rabbit maxillary sinus mucosa in two different experimental injury models.  
18240145 Targeting prostate cancer with HTI-286, a synthetic analog of the marine sponge product hemiasterlin.  
19045433 Release of cationic polymer-DNA complexes from the endosome: A theoretical investigation of the proton sponge hypothesis.  
21388223 Nonlinear conductivity of fullerenol aqueous solutions.  
22469696 Ferroportin-1 is a 'nuclear'-negative acute-phase protein in rat liver: a comparison with other iron-transport proteins.  
3353392 Effect of topically applied beta-aminopropionitrile on granuloma tissue biochemistry.  
4180972 Effect of physiological variations in free fatty acid concentration on the binding of thyroxine in the serum of euthyroid and thyrotoxic subjects.  
8083229 Novel modulators of skeletal muscle FKBP12/calcium channel complex from Ianthella basta. Role of FKBP12 in channel gating.  

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