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8817648 Anti-pseudomonal activity of collagen sponge with liposomal polymyxin B.  
8967248 [Can the rate of infection of problem wounds after anus praeter reconstruction be decreased by implantation of gentamycin containing collagen sponge?].  
9135172 Tissue reactions to bacteria-inoculated rat lead samples. II. Effect of local gentamicin release through surface-modified polyurethane tubing.  
9230961 A severe infection following endoscopic carpal tunnel release.  
9485630 Treatment of fibrinolytic alveolitis with rifamycin B diethylamide associated with gelfoam: a histological study.  
9782769 [Vacuum sealing as carrier system for controlled local drug administration in wound infection].  
9880419 Effectiveness of collagen-gentamicin implant for treatment of "dirty" abdominal wounds.  

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