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10147998 Fabrication and characterization of an asymmetric polyurethane membrane for use as a wound dressing.  
10391356 A new method for the treatment of graft infection in the thoracic aorta: in situ preservation.  
1065577 [Primary healing of intraoral bone defects under the effect of local and general antibacterial prophylaxis].  
10806922 [The modified laparostomy with the use of ultrasound dissector and garamycin sponge in the treatment of complicated acute pancreatitis].  
1119685 Mechanical cleansing of contaminated wounds with a surfactant.  
11293515 The vacuum-assisted closure device as a bridge to sternal wound closure.  
11368532 A novel method of studying wound healing.  
11393951 [Experimental study on the hemostatic properties of collagen sponge].  
11673139 A technique for the treatment of sternal infections using the Vacuum Assisted Closure device.  
11699301 [Wound management with vacuum therapy].  

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