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9772089 Marine biomolecules inhibit rat brain nitric oxide synthase activity.  
9824777 Clotrimazole is an inhibitor of inflammatory angiogenesis and the metabolic activity in sponge granuloma.  
9826180 Okadaic acid-induced lens epithelial cell apoptosis requires inhibition of phosphatase-1 and is associated with induction of gene expression including p53 and bax.  
9831332 Possible background mechanisms of the effectiveness of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.  
9873492 Antineoplastic agents. 397: Isolation and structure of sesterstatins 4 and 5 from Hyrtios erecta (the Republic of Maldives).  
990261 Purification and characterization of the agglutinins from the sponge Aaptos papillata and a study of their combining sites.  
9917313 Discorhabdin P, a new enzyme inhibitor from a deep-water Caribbean sponge of the genus Batzella.  

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