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21565255 Hardening of bio-silica in sponge spicules involves an aging process after its enzymatic polycondensation: evidence for an aquaporin-mediated water absorption.  
22012672 Characterization of the volatile profile of Antarctic bacteria by using solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.  
22476960 Trade-offs in defensive metabolite production but not ecological function in healthy and diseased sponges.  
22624859 Cannabidiol inhibits angiogenesis by multiple mechanisms.  
22649930 Reveal Listeria 2.0 test for detection of Listeria spp. in foods and environmental samples.  
2555015 Inhibitory effect of a toxin okadaic acid, isolated from the black sponge on smooth muscle and platelets.  
3044663 Ectopic bone formation is enhanced in senescent animals implanted with embryonic cells.  
3392684 Effects of okadaic acid on isometric tension and myosin phosphorylation of chemically skinned guinea-pig taenia coli.  
3662749 A transmission electron microscopic study of rabbit liver sinusoids with special remarks on an experimentally induced canalicular system and the "pored domes" in the endothelial cells.  
4049247 The role of prostaglandins in feline experimental cholecystitis.  

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