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10612682 Initiation of an Aquaculture of Sponges for the Sustainable Production of Bioactive Metabolites in Open Systems: Example, Geodia cydonium.  
11491458 Antibacterial and anticholinesterase activities of aplysamine-4, a bromotyrosine-derived metabolite of a Red Sea marine sponge.  
11791737 Synthesis of (R)-(+)-hippospongic acid A, a triterpene isolated from the marine sponge, Hippospongia sp.  
12142084 Polyacetylenes from a marine sponge Petrosia sp. inhibit DNA replication at the level of initiation.  
12241005 Further halotyrosine derivatives from the marine sponge Suberea aff. praetensa.  
12761303 Molecular action mode of Hippospongic acid A, an inhibitor of gastrulation of starfish embryos.  
14618717 Chemical control of bacterial epibiosis and larval settlement of Hydroides elegans in the red sponge Mycale adherens.  
15266809 [Antimicrobial activity of organic extracts isolated from Aplysina fistularis (Demospongiae: Aplysinidae)].  
15971089 Inhibitory effects of mediterranean sponge extracts and metabolites on larval settlement of the barnacle Balanus amphitrite.  
16039133 Stereochemical determination and bioactivity assessment of (S)-(+)-curcuphenol dimers isolated from the marine sponge Didiscus aceratus and synthesized through laccase biocatalysis.  

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