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22363233 Antibacterial bisabolane-type sesquiterpenoids from the sponge-derived fungus Aspergillus sp.  
22515429 Ianthelliformisamines A-C, antibacterial bromotyrosine-derived metabolites from the marine sponge Suberea ianthelliformis.  
22690150 Mitochondrial genome-knockout cells demonstrate a dual mechanism of action for the electron transport complex I inhibitor mycothiazole.  
22941288 Bioactive natural products from Chinese marine flora and fauna.  
3782777 Sponge secondary metabolites: biochemical and ultrastructural localization of the antimitotic agent avarol in Dysidea avara.  
546171 Aspirin, salicylate and prostaglandins.  
8013550 Avarol and avarone, two new anti-inflammatory agents of marine origin.  
9257908 Stellettamide-A, a novel inhibitor of calmodulin, isolated from a marine sponge.  

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