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10502292 Promoter competitors as novel antifibrotics that inhibit transforming growth factor-beta induction of collagen and noncollagen protein synthesis in fibroblasts.  
11170665 Additional cytotoxic polyacetylenes from the marine sponge Petrosia species.  
12212804 Synthesis and biological properties of the seven alanine-modified analogues of the marine cyclopeptide hymenamide C.  
12224958 Total syntheses of (+)-zampanolide and (+)-dactylolide exploiting a unified strategy.  
15050421 Inhibition of inflammatory angiogenesis by distant subcutaneous tumor in mice.  
17190448 Sodwanone and yardenone triterpenes from a South African species of the marine sponge Axinella inhibit hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) activation in both breast and prostate tumor cells.  
18627201 Sesquiterpenes from the Hainan Sponge Dysidea septosa.  
19199645 Anti-inflammatory sesquiterpenoids from a sponge-derived Fungus Acremonium sp.  
21548579 Hippolides A-H, acyclic manoalide derivatives from the marine sponge Hippospongia lachne.  
22585351 Cis-2-decenoic acid inhibits S. aureus growth and biofilm in vitro: a pilot study.  

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