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1368610 Isolation and partial characterization of three protein-synthesis inhibitory proteins from the seeds of Luffa cylindrica.  
14613323 Synthesis, activity, and molecular modeling studies of novel human aldose reductase inhibitors based on a marine natural product.  
15027869 Antineoplastic agents. 499. Synthesis of hystatin 2 and related 1H-benzo[de][1,6]-naphthyridinium salts from aaptamine.  
15051061 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of some pyrazole derivatives as anti-inflammatory-antimicrobial agents.  
15123286 Synthesis and target identification of hymenialdisine analogs.  
15206780 Recent developments in marine indole alkaloid synthesis.  
15958059 Inhibition of protein synthesis and activation of stress-activated protein kinases by onnamide A and theopederin B, antitumor marine natural products.  
16104736 Total synthesis of dictyodendrin B.  
16539395 Synthesis and biological evaluation of purealin and analogues as cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain inhibitors.  
16632351 An improved synthesis of psammaplin A.  

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