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17140562 Ilimaquinone, a marine sponge metabolite, displays anticancer activity via GADD153-mediated pathway.  
17311384 Molecular insights into azumamide e histone deacetylases inhibitory activity.  
17539689 Application of a 6pi-1-azatriene electrocyclization strategy to the total synthesis of the marine sponge metabolite ageladine A and biological evaluation of synthetic analogues.  
17827010 Synthesis and biological activities of glycosphingolipid analogues from marine sponge Aplysinella rhax.  
18393489 Synthesis of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase inhibitory analogues of the sponge alkaloid exiguamine A.  
18489164 Solid-phase total synthesis of cyclic decapeptide phakellistatin 12.  
1858041 Nitric oxide synthesis in the in vivo allograft response: a possible regulatory mechanism.  
18818073 Synthesis and in vitro biological evaluation of ring B abeo-sterols as novel inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  
18997396 Synthesis and anti-angiogenic activity of cortistatin analogs.  
19165732 Effect of spongin derived from Hymeniacidon sinapium on bone mineralization.  

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