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10502292 Promoter competitors as novel antifibrotics that inhibit transforming growth factor-beta induction of collagen and noncollagen protein synthesis in fibroblasts.  
10650072 Synthesis of the marine sponge cycloheptapeptide phakellistatin 5(1).  
11791737 Synthesis of (R)-(+)-hippospongic acid A, a triterpene isolated from the marine sponge, Hippospongia sp.  
12782321 In situ photoaffinity labeling of the target protein for lembehyne A, a neuronal differentiation inducer.  
12818670 Synthesis of biotinylated xestoquinone that retains inhibitory activity against Ca2+ ATPase of skeletal muscle myosin.  
14613323 Synthesis, activity, and molecular modeling studies of novel human aldose reductase inhibitors based on a marine natural product.  
14871022 Inhibitory action of novel arginine derivative on catecholamine secretion evoked by acetylcholine from cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells.  
15049616 Antineoplastic agents 491. Synthetic conversion of aaptamine to isoaaptamine, 9-demethylaaptamine, and 4-methylaaptamine.  
15051061 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of some pyrazole derivatives as anti-inflammatory-antimicrobial agents.  
15588025 2-methoxylated fatty acids in marine sponges: defense mechanism against mycobacteria?  

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