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10098923 Cell adhesion and histocompatibility in sponges.  
10098930 Molecular self-recognition and adhesion via proteoglycan to proteoglycan interactions as a pathway to multicellularity: atomic force microscopy and color coded bead measurements in sponges.  
10223356 Species-specific association of the cell-aggregation molecule mediates recognition in marine sponges.  
10611943 A sulfated proteoglycan aggregation factor mediates amyloid-beta peptide fibril formation and neurotoxicity.  
10761645 Effects of physicochemical characteristics of poly(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate)-based polyplexes on cellular association and internalization.  
10885756 Cell-substrate interactions during sea urchin gastrulation: migrating primary mesenchyme cells interact with and align extracellular matrix fibers that contain ECM3, a molecule with NG2-like and multiple calcium-binding domains.  
11459930 Carbohydrate self-recognition mediates marine sponge cellular adhesion.  
12207008 Bioreactors mediate the effectiveness of tissue engineering scaffolds.  
12626573 Human NKT cells express granulysin and exhibit antimycobacterial activity.  
12765787 Quantitative and qualitative approach of glycan-glycan interactions in marine sponges.  

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