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15106730 Generation of a specific immunological response to FGF-2 does not affect wound healing or reproduction.  
17598915 Prevalence of the EH1 Groucho interaction motif in the metazoan Fox family of transcriptional regulators.  
19303297 A hypervariable invertebrate allodeterminant.  
20566865 Identification of RL-TGR, a coreceptor involved in aversive chemical signaling.  
2118911 Involvement of a highly polyvalent glycan in the cell-binding of the aggregation factor from the marine sponge Microciona prolifera.  
22000015 An extensive microRNA-mediated network of RNA-RNA interactions regulates established oncogenic pathways in glioblastoma.  
22526400 Ultrastructure, molecular phylogenetics, and chlorophyll a content of novel cyanobacterial symbionts in temperate sponges.  
22745315 A genome-wide transgenic resource for conditional expression of Drosophila microRNAs.  
23283017 Marine microbial symbiosis heats up: the phylogenetic and functional response of a sponge holobiont to thermal stress.  
2947359 Evidence that secondary mixed leukocyte culture supernatant mediates changes in cellular recruitment, blood flow, and vascular permeability.  

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