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3531218 Sponge aggregation factor: in situ localization by fluorescent monoclonal antibody techniques.  
6170760 The contribution of the calcium-dependent interaction of aggregation factor molecules to recognition: a system providing additional specificity forces?  
7090043 Recruitment of unsensitized circulating lymphocytes to sites of allogeneic cellular interactions.  
7541224 A novel class of embryonic cell adhesion glycan epitopes is expressed in human colon carcinomas.  
7543457 Studies of in vivo recruitment and activation of cytotoxic lymphocytes using a gelatin-sponge model of concomitant tumor immunity.  
7680344 Carbohydrate-carbohydrate interactions of a novel acidic glycan can mediate sponge cell adhesion.  
8724140 Forssman disaccharide is the specific ligand of a galectin from the sponge Geodia cydonium but does not mediate its binding to nuclear protein np56.  

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