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15050421 Inhibition of inflammatory angiogenesis by distant subcutaneous tumor in mice.  
15176065 Water distribution studies within microcrystalline cellulose and chitosan using differential scanning calorimetry and dynamic vapor sorption analysis.  
15240326 Evidence for acyl homoserine lactone signal production in bacteria associated with marine sponges.  
15872050 SPARC-thrombospondin-2-double-null mice exhibit enhanced cutaneous wound healing and increased fibrovascular invasion of subcutaneous polyvinyl alcohol sponges.  
16261804 Aquaculture of "non-food organisms" for natural substance production.  
16265645 Morphological features of ovine embryonic lung fibroblasts cultured on different bioactive scaffolds.  
17702585 Interaction of human gingival fibroblasts with PVA/gelatine sponges.  
18211268 Diversity and quorum-sensing signal production of Proteobacteria associated with marine sponges.  
18341331 The smallest amphiphiles: nanostructure in protic room-temperature ionic liquids with short alkyl groups.  
18420819 From biosilicification to tailored materials: optimizing hydrophobic domains and resistance to protonation of polyamines.  

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