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17919602 Wondonin, a novel compound, inhibits hypoxia-induced angiogenesis through hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha.  
18081257 Synthesis and biological evaluation of 10,11-dihydrodictyostatin, a potent analogue of the marine anticancer agent dictyostatin.  
18405918 A unique mode of microtubule stabilization induced by peloruside A.  
18676706 Molecular detection of fungal communities in the Hawaiian marine sponges Suberites zeteki and Mycale armata.  
19825803 Tubulin-based antimitotic mechanism of E7974, a novel analogue of the marine sponge natural product hemiasterlin.  
20222853 Multi-targeted natural products evaluation based on biological activity prediction with PASS.  
20423907 CREB up-regulates long non-coding RNA, HULC expression through interaction with microRNA-372 in liver cancer.  
20930478 [Study on natural products for drug development].  
21244636 Structural features underlying selective inhibition of GSK3β by dibromocantharelline: implications for rational drug design.  
21322531 Multifunctional triblock Nanocarrier (PAMAM-PEG-PLL) for the efficient intracellular siRNA delivery and gene silencing.  

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