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10561721 Identification of two novel mutations in keratin 13 as the cause of white sponge naevus.  
10652003 A glutamine insertion in the 1A alpha helical domain of the keratin 4 gene in a familial case of white sponge nevus.  
11379896 A novel mutation in the keratin 13 gene causing oral white sponge nevus.  
12688839 The molecular genetics of keratin disorders.  
16630298 White sponge naevus with minimal clinical and histological changes: report of three cases.  
18992023 Two new mutations in the keratin 4 gene causing oral white sponge nevus in Chinese family.  
7493030 A mutation in the mucosal keratin K4 is associated with oral white sponge nevus.  
9028791 Human keratin diseases: hereditary fragility of specific epithelial tissues.  

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