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10471317 Engineered smooth muscle tissues: regulating cell phenotype with the scaffold.  
12233740 The potential of polymeric cryogels in bioseparation.  
12570826 Natural killer T cells as targets for therapeutic intervention in autoimmune diseases.  
15215251 Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-D and VEGF-A differentially regulate KDR-mediated signaling and biological function in vascular endothelial cells.  
16322225 Interleukin-6, secreted by human ovarian carcinoma cells, is a potent proangiogenic cytokine.  
18451615 [Naturally engineered glycolipid biosurfactants leading to distinctive self-assembling properties].  
18804381 Principles of demineralization: modern strategies for the isolation of organic frameworks. Part II. Decalcification.  
18855664 Synthetic glycolipid ligands for human iNKT cells as potential therapeutic agents for immunotherapy.  
19234176 PD-1/PD-L blockade prevents anergy induction and enhances the anti-tumor activities of glycolipid-activated invariant NKT cells.  
21718305 Receptor binding mode and pharmacological characterization of a potent and selective dual CXCR1/CXCR2 non-competitive allosteric inhibitor.  

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