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1585014 Time of ovulation in merino ewes superovulated with PMSG and FSH-P.  
17635779 Synchrony of ovulation and follicular dynamics in merino ewes treated with GnRH in the breeding and non-breeding seasons.  
1795277 Ovarian response in mares to prolonged treatment with exogenous equine pituitary gonadotrophins.  
2128900 Premature condensation of chromatin induced in goat (Capra hircus) oocytes after gonadotrophin treatment.  
21465100 The effects of time and dose of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin (PMSG) on reproductive efficiency in hair sheep ewes.  
22669488 Effect of feed flushing during summer season on growth, reproductive performance and blood metabolites in Malpura ewes under semiarid tropical environment.  
2411707 Lifespan of corpora lutea induced in estrous-synchronized cycling and anestrous ewes.  
289799 Reproductive management of mares without detection of oestrus.  
4091757 Ovarian response to PMSG treatment in ewes immunized against oestradiol-17 beta.  
6820062 Seasonal and individual effects on ovarian and endocrine responses of mares to a synchronization treatment with progestagen-impregnated vaginal sponges.  

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