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12171310 Fertility rate evaluation by laparoscopic approach in the experimental animal.  
12535327 Improving the reproductive efficiency, pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring the resumption of luteal activity in indigenous damascus goats.  
16725814 The effect of season and technique on synchronized and induced estrus and the induction of lambing in the ewe in a commercial setting.  
16726524 Comparison of a controlled internal drug release device containing progesterone with intravaginal medroxyprogesterone sponges for estrus synchronization in ewes.  
17423508 Serum progesterone determination as an aid for pregnancy diagnosis in goats bred out of season.  
18540205 Comparison of the effect of cronolone sponges and PMSG or cloprostenol on estrous induction in Turkish Saanen goats.  
19210661 Characterization of oestrous induction response, oestrous duration, fecundity and fertility in Awassi ewes during the non-breeding season utilizing both CIDR and intravaginal sponge treatments.  
21465100 The effects of time and dose of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin (PMSG) on reproductive efficiency in hair sheep ewes.  
2437623 Reproductive performance of female goats given progestagen associated with PMSG and/or HMG in deep anestrus.  
6421792 Effects of placement of intravaginal sponges on LH, FSH, estrus and ovarian activity in mares during the nonbreeding season.  

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