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10612677 Cultivation of Marine Sponges.  
11683177 Cellular location of (2R, 3R, 7Z)-2-aminotetradec-7-ene-1, 3-diol, a potent antimicrobial metabolite produced by the Caribbean sponge Haliclona vansoesti.  
11960184 Secondary metabolites from marine microorganisms.  
11991180 Integrated approach to explore the potential of marine microorganisms for the production of bioactive metabolites.  
1299219 [Some results and prospects of studies in the area of marine biochemistry and biotechnology].  
1302180 Secondary metabolites from marine organisms.  
1302186 Origins of secondary metabolism.  
14529519 Drugs from the sea: conotoxins as drug leads for neuropathic pain and other neurological conditions.  
15066829 Oxygen-controlled bacterial growth in the sponge Suberites domuncula: toward a molecular understanding of the symbiotic relationships between sponge and bacteria.  
15085406 Sustainable production of bioactive compounds by sponges--cell culture and gene cluster approach: a review.  

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