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10217716 Chemistry of verongida sponges. 9.1 secondary metabolite composition of the caribbean sponge aplysina cauliformis  
10800079 Increased expression of the potential proapoptotic molecule DD2 and increased synthesis of leukotriene B4 during allograft rejection in a marine sponge.  
10939281 Screening marine natural products for selective inhibitors of key kynurenine pathway enzymes.  
10956527 A formal total synthesis of the sesterterpenoid (+/-)-dysidiolide and approaches to the syntheses of (+/-)-6-epi-, (+/-)-15-epi-, and (+/-)-6,15-bisepidysidiolide.  
10978201 Application of cell culture for the production of bioactive compounds from sponges: synthesis of avarol by primmorphs from Dysidea avara.  
11082004 Synthesis of slagenins A, B, and C.  
11325276 Approaches to the synthesis of some tyrosine-derived marine sponge metabolites: synthesis of verongamine and purealidin N.  
11388670 Induction of apoptosis by the marine sponge (Mycale) metabolites, mycalamide A and pateamine.  
11429933 Asymmetric total synthesis of halicholactone.  
11671434 Synthesis of C(11)N(5) Marine Sponge Alkaloids: (+/-)-Hymenin, Stevensine, Hymenialdisine, and Debromohymenialdisine.  

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