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12296709 Total syntheses of (+)- and (-)-cacospongionolide B: new insight into structural requirements for phospholipase A(2) inhibition.  
12405813 Enantioselective synthesis of the bromopyrrole alkaloids manzacidin A and C by stereospecific C-h bond oxidation.  
12445072 Nitric oxide enhances experimental wound healing in diabetes.  
12449505 Geographic variation of natural products of tropical nudibranch Asteronotus cespitosus.  
12500290 Marine pyridoacridine alkaloids and synthetic analogues as antitumor agents.  
12521266 Indolizidine and quinolizidine alkaloids.  
12599506 Enantiospecific synthesis of the antituberculosis marine sponge metabolite (+)-puupehenone. The arenol oxidative activation route.  
12604694 Modulatory effect of bolinaquinone, a marine sesquiterpenoid, on acute and chronic inflammatory processes.  
12688769 Total synthesis of the microtubule stabilizing antitumor agent laulimalide and some nonnatural analogues: the power of Sharpless' asymmetric epoxidation.  
12728994 Determination of the absolute configuration of (+)-xestoaminol C [(2S, 3R)-2-amino-3-tetradecanol], a metabolite of Fiji sponge, Xestospongia sp., by the synthesis of its N,O-diacetyl derivative.  

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