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12945894 Total synthesis of the marine sponge metabolites (+)-rottnestol, (+)-raspailol A and (+)-raspailol B.  
1350964 Production of the cytostatic agent aeroplysinin by the sponge Verongia aerophoba in in vitro culture.  
14574692 Primmorphs from archaeocytes-dominant cell population of the sponge hymeniacidon perleve: improved cell proliferation and spiculogenesis.  
15105928 Synthesis and bioactivity of linear oligomers related to polymeric alkylpyridinium metabolites from the Mediterranean sponge Reniera sarai.  
15214481 Esmodil: an acetylcholine mimetic resurfaces in a Southern Australian marine sponge Raspailia (Raspailia) sp.  
15214798 Inhibition of cytokine production by hymenialdisine derivatives.  
15315431 A likely biogenetic gateway linking 2-aminoimidazolinone metabolites of sponges to proline: spontaneous oxidative conversion of the pyrrole-proline-guanidine pseudo-peptide to dispacamide A.  
15458814 Arsenolipids.  
15602606 (+)-Echinobetaine B: isolation, structure elucidation, synthesis and preliminary SAR studies on a new nematocidal betaine from a southern Australian marine sponge, Echinodictyum sp.  
15739169 Large-scale production of pharmaceuticals by marine sponges: sea, cell, or synthesis?  

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