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15816731 First enantiospecific synthesis of the antitumor marine sponge metabolite (-)-15-oxopuupehenol from (-)-sclareol.  
16050702 Efficient synthesis of tyrosine-derived marine sponge metabolites via acylation of amines with a coumarin.  
16096557 L-arginine improves wound healing after trauma-hemorrhage by increasing collagen synthesis.  
16220183 Total synthesis of a diastereomer of the marine natural product clavosolide A.  
16268623 Synthesis of three marine natural sesterterpenolides from methyl isoanticopalate. First enantioselective synthesis of luffolide.  
16524297 beta-turn mimetic: synthesis of cyclic thioenamino peptides.  
16562912 Total synthesis of ageladine A, an angiogenesis inhibitor from the marine sponge Agelas nakamurai.  
16895415 Total synthesis and structural confirmation of chlorodysinosin A.  
17007398 Biomimetic synthesis of marine sponge metabolite spiculoic acid A and establishment of the absolute configuration of the natural product.  
17031473 The five bromotryptophans.  

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