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12444431 A simplified operative technique for single-staged resection of left-sided colon obstructions: report of a 9-year experience.  
16547681 Obstructive jaundice due to a textiloma mimicking a common bile duct stone.  
18834070 Clinical application of in situ tissue engineering using a scaffolding technique for reconstruction of the larynx and trachea.  
19393407 Gelatin sponge insertion into tympanostomy tubes: an in-vitro study to evaluate postoperative obstruction.  
21210161 Occlusion of surgical opening of the ventricular system with fibrinogen-coated collagen fleece: a case collection study.  
21985725 Small bowel obstruction after FloSeal use.  
22071843 Mechanical dilatation of the cervix at non-labour caesarean section for reducing postoperative morbidity.  
23118761 Transabdominal migration of retained surgical sponge.  
9112177 Non-penetrating deep sclerectomy (NPDS) with or without collagen device (CD) in primary open-angle glaucoma: middle-term retrospective study.  

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