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2411707 Lifespan of corpora lutea induced in estrous-synchronized cycling and anestrous ewes.  
2502623 LH, FSH and ovulation rate in ewes treated with exogenous oestradiol.  
3307112 Ovarian response to PMSG and GnRH in ewes immunised against oestradiol-17 beta.  
3820174 Increasing ovulation rate and lambing rate in sheep by treatment with a steroid enzyme inhibitor.  
383975 Oestrus, time of ovulation, ovulation rate and conception rate in progestagen-treated ewes given Gn-RH, Gn-TH analogues and gonadotrophins.  
4039503 Reduced superovulatory response in the ewe following repeated gonadotrophin treatment.  
6422611 Effect of reduced daylight length on oestrus occurrence and superovulatory response in ewes treated with follicle stimulating hormone during the non-breeding season.  
6820062 Seasonal and individual effects on ovarian and endocrine responses of mares to a synchronization treatment with progestagen-impregnated vaginal sponges.  
9306979 Effects of supplementary treatment with bovine growth hormone on hormonal and ovulatory responses to inhibin immunization in ewes.  

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