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10690204 Examination of the relative role of FSH and LH in the mechanism of ovulatory follicle selection in sheep.  
10735039 Effect of mating system, flushing procedure, progesterone dose and donor ewe age on the yield and quality of embryos within a MOET program in sheep.  
11665879 Seasonal variation in preovulatory events associated with synchronization of estrus in dwarf goats.  
1304027 Manipulation of reproduction in sheep.  
15521716 Effect of GnRH injection timing in the production of pronuclear-stage zygotes used for DNA microinjection.  
17475422 Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer with fresh, frozen and vitrified red deer (Cervus elaphus) embryos in Argentina.  
18258293 Synchronization of follicular wave emergence in the seasonally anestrous ewe: the effects of estradiol with or without medroxyprogesterone acetate.  
18325008 Embryo production in superovulated goats treated with insulin before or after mating or by continuous propylene glycol supplementation.  
21396698 Good quality sheep embryos produced by superovulation treatment without the use of progesterone devices.  

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