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10565570 Aminoguanidine prevents impaired healing and deficient angiogenesis in diabetic rats.  
12568347 Isolation of an antifreeze peptide from the Antarctic sponge Homaxinella balfourensis.  
12805764 Drugs from the sea: a marine sponge-derived compound prevents Type 1 diabetes.  
16181779 Variolin B and its derivate deoxy-variolin B: new marine natural compounds with cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor activity.  
18947619 In vitro reconstruction of a tissue-engineered endothelialized bladder from a single porcine biopsy.  
20607136 Cell-cell signaling drives the evolution of complex traits: introduction-lung evo-devo.  
8371289 Effect of ibuprofen on the inflammatory response to surgical wounds.  
8820348 A simple technique for introducing anterograde and retrograde tracers into the vestibular and cochlear sensory organs.  
9872139 Effects of columella removal on inner ear morphology in the chick.  

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