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10698708 Cyclolinteinone, a sesterterpene from sponge Cacospongia linteiformis, prevents inducible nitric oxide synthase and inducible cyclo-oxygenase protein expression by blocking nuclear factor-kappaB activation in J774 macrophages.  
12523748 Design parameters of high rate algal ponds using filamentous algae matrix for treating rural stream water.  
12570826 Natural killer T cells as targets for therapeutic intervention in autoimmune diseases.  
12740096 Calcium phosphate-chitosan composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.  
19234176 PD-1/PD-L blockade prevents anergy induction and enhances the anti-tumor activities of glycolipid-activated invariant NKT cells.  
21249128 TWEAK appears as a modulator of endometrial IL-18 related cytotoxic activity of uterine natural killers.  
22322302 Macrophage β2 integrin-mediated, HuR-dependent stabilization of angiogenic factor-encoding mRNAs in inflammatory angiogenesis.  
2252720 Experimental studies of a hybrid artificial esophagus combined with autologous mucosal cells.  
22777271 High resolution spatial mapping of brominated pyrrole-2-aminoimidazole alkaloids distributions in the marine sponge Stylissa flabellata via MALDI-mass spectrometry imaging.  

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