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14513966 Permanent medialization of the paralyzed vocal fold utilizing botulinum toxin and Gelfoam.  
15348066 beta-Chitin-based wound dressing containing silver sulfurdiazine.  
15348233 The influence of crosslinking agents and diamines on the pore size, morphology and the biological stability of collagen sponges and their effect on cell penetration through the sponge matrix.  
1748197 A carbohydrate polymer that effectively prevents epidural fibrosis at laminectomy sites in the rat.  
17944966 Polylactide and polyglycolide sponge used in human extraction sockets: bone formation following 3 months after its application.  
18781793 Solubilization of hydrophobic guest molecules in the monoolein discontinuous QL cubic mesophase and its soft nanoparticles.  
19233161 NP04634 prevents cell damage caused by calcium overload and mitochondrial disruption in bovine chromaffin cells.  
19375612 Prevention of retained surgical sponges: a decision-analytic model predicting relative cost-effectiveness.  
19692635 Early effects of lasonolide a on pancreatic cancer cells.  
20418639 Closed DHS system to prevent dissolved methane emissions as greenhouse gas in anaerobic wastewater treatment by its recovery and biological oxidation.  

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