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10598992 Gelfoam as a barrier to prevent polymethylmethacrylate-induced thermal injury of the spinal cord: in vitro and in vivo studies in pigs.  
16582806 Lower extremity trauma: trends in the management of soft-tissue reconstruction of open tibia-fibula fractures.  
17066911 Presence of Salmonella in the red meat abattoir lairage after routine cleansing and disinfection and on carcasses.  
17193597 Cellular labeling with Gd(III) chelates: only high thermodynamic stabilities prevent the cells acting as 'sponges' of Gd3+ ions.  
20729900 Networked molecular cages as crystalline sponges for fullerenes and other guests.  
21799138 Effects of an interactive computer game exercise regimen on balance impairment in frail community-dwelling older adults: a randomized controlled trial.  

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