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10788844 Evaluation in an animal model and in vitro of the combination clavulanic acid and cephalosporins against beta-lactamase producing and nonproducing Staphylococcus aureus strains.  
11756808 In vivo cultured skin composed of two-layer collagen sponges with preconfluent cells.  
1350964 Production of the cytostatic agent aeroplysinin by the sponge Verongia aerophoba in in vitro culture.  
15497987 Acid-catalyzed reactions of aromatic aldehydes with ethyl diazoacetate: an investigation on the synthesis of 3-hydroxy-2-arylacrylic acid ethyl esters.  
15612624 Emericella venezuelensis, a new species with stellate ascospores producing sterigmatocystin and aflatoxin B1.  
15825643 Sustainable use of marine resources: cultivation of sponges.  
16112727 Combined use of designed scaffolds and adenoviral gene therapy for skeletal tissue engineering.  
16644544 ET743: Chemical analysis of the sea squirt Ecteinascidia turbinata ecosystem.  
16727833 In vitro production of sheep embryos using laparoscopic folliculocentesis: alternative gonadotrophin treatments for stimulation of oocyte donors.  
16962834 The role of an absolutely conserved tryptophan residue in octamer formation and stability in mitochondrial creatine kinases.  

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