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17899268 Production of manoalide and its analogues by the sponge Luffariella variabilis Is hardwired.  
18236663 Microbiological profile of greenhouses in a farm producing hydroponic tomatoes.  
19251252 Colonization of Aspergillus japonicus on synthetic materials and application to the production of fructooligosaccharides.  
20085309 Sponge-derived Streptomyces producing isoprenoids via the mevalonate pathway.  
22101678 Efforts to develop a cultured sponge cell line: revisiting an intractable problem.  
2331010 Fabrication, evaluation, and use of extracellular K+ and H+ ion-selective electrodes.  
6674808 [Production of experimental colonic cancer in dog. A comparative study of administrative methods of carcinogen].  

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