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10412202 The discovery and development of marine compounds with pharmaceutical potential.  
11344449 Production of different morphologies of biocompatible polymeric materials by supercritical CO(2) antisolvent techniques.  
12371475 Sponge halogenated natural products found at parts-per-million levels in marine mammals.  
12678733 Cytotoxic anticancer candidates from natural resources.  
12770594 Evariquinone, isoemericellin, and stromemycin from a sponge derived strain of the fungus Emericella variecolor.  
12782256 A power ultrasonic technology for deliquoring.  
12795086 [Development of marine-derived anti-cancer compounds].  
12919824 Qualitative and quantitative aspects of 2-5A synthesizing capacity of different marine sponges.  
14623401 Recombinant collagen and gelatin for drug delivery.  
14638680 SK3-1C, a dominant-negative suppressor of SKCa and IKCa channels.  

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