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11539394 Middle and Late Cambrian sponge spicules from Hunan, China.  
11856425 Adult habitat preferences, larval dispersal, and the comparative phylogeography of three Atlantic surgeonfishes (Teleostei: Acanthuridae).  
1304027 Manipulation of reproduction in sheep.  
17158990 Shewanella irciniae sp. nov., a novel member of the family Shewanellaceae, isolated from the marine sponge Ircinia dendroides in the Bay of Villefranche, Mediterranean Sea.  
17545322 Phylogenetic and metabolic diversity of Planctomycetes from anaerobic, sulfide- and sulfur-rich Zodletone Spring, Oklahoma.  
21479567 Lysophospholipids in the Mediterranean sponge Oscarella tuberculata: seasonal variability and putative biological role.  
21641921 Leucurogin, a new recombinant disintegrin cloned from Bothrops leucurus (white-tailed-jararaca) with potent activity upon platelet aggregation and tumor growth.  
2326790 Degradation of metal-labeled collagen implants: ultrastructural and X-ray microanalysis.  
7089613 Natural history of the retained surgical sponge.  

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