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10720645 Antiangiogenic effects of S-nitrosocaptopril crystals as a nitric oxide donor.  
17400774 A marine Mesorhizobium sp. produces structurally novel long-chain N-acyl-L-homoserine lactones.  
18674909 Sponge genes provide new insight into the evolutionary origin of the neurogenic circuit.  
20052800 The phenotype of murine wound macrophages.  
20607136 Cell-cell signaling drives the evolution of complex traits: introduction-lung evo-devo.  
21451585 Diversity and functional analysis of luxS genes in vibrios from marine sponges Mycale laxissima and Ircinia strobilina.  
21479567 Lysophospholipids in the Mediterranean sponge Oscarella tuberculata: seasonal variability and putative biological role.  
9599309 In vitro and in vivo models for the reconstruction of intercellular signaling.  

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