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11871255 [Some peculiarities of the relationships between parasitic copepods and their invertebrate hosts].  
15497987 Acid-catalyzed reactions of aromatic aldehydes with ethyl diazoacetate: an investigation on the synthesis of 3-hydroxy-2-arylacrylic acid ethyl esters.  
15626624 Porous silicon-based biosensor for pathogen detection.  
15825643 Sustainable use of marine resources: cultivation of sponges.  
16181779 Variolin B and its derivate deoxy-variolin B: new marine natural compounds with cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor activity.  
16327551 In situ osteogenesis: regeneration of 10-cm mandibular defect in porcine model using recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) and Helistat absorbable collagen sponge.  
16435854 A putative precursor of isomalabaricane triterpenoids from lanosterol synthase mutants.  
19207569 Biomineralization by photosynthetic organisms: evidence of coevolution of the organisms and their environment?  
19371593 Increased nitric oxide formation followed by increased arginase activity induces relative lack of arginine at the wound site and alters whole nutritional status in rats almost within the early healing period.  
19413764 Effect of culturing processes and copper addition on laccase production by the white-rot fungus Fomes fomentarius MUCL 35117.  

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