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1350964 Production of the cytostatic agent aeroplysinin by the sponge Verongia aerophoba in in vitro culture.  
15257328 Traditional and Modern Biomedical Prospecting: Part I-the History: Sustainable Exploitation of Biodiversity (Sponges and Invertebrates) in the Adriatic Sea in Rovinj (Croatia).  
16517661 Discovery of a new source of rifamycin antibiotics in marine sponge actinobacteria by phylogenetic prediction.  
20521963 Cervical motion preservation using mesenchymal progenitor cells and pentosan polysulfate, a novel chondrogenic agent: preliminary study in an ovine model.  
22648524 Branched and linear poly(ethylene imine)-based conjugates: synthetic modification, characterization, and application.  
23202242 A review on biosynthesis of nanoparticles by marine organisms.  
8371289 Effect of ibuprofen on the inflammatory response to surgical wounds.  

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