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1826930 Xestoquinone, a novel cardiotonic agent activates actomyosin ATPase to enhance contractility of skinned cardiac or skeletal muscle fibers.  
20458610 Production and genetic improvement of a novel antimycotic agent, saadamycin, against dermatophytes and other clinical fungi from endophytic Streptomyces sp. Hedaya48.  
20479975 The sponge-associated bacterium Bacillus licheniformis SAB1: a source of antimicrobial compounds.  
22005330 Biomimetic collagen scaffolds with anisotropic pore architecture.  
22871741 An anti-let-7 sponge decoys and decays endogenous let-7 functions.  
3369845 [Old theories and present-day hypotheses for the mechanisms of erection].  
6674808 [Production of experimental colonic cancer in dog. A comparative study of administrative methods of carcinogen].  

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