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12211445 Biofiltration of ammonia gas with sponge cubes coated with mixtures of activated carbon and zeolite.  
12571676 NTP Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Studies of Polyvinyl Alcohol (CAS No.9002-89-5) in Female B6C3F1 Mice (Intravaginal Studies).  
12937967 Natural products as antiparasitic drugs.  
1299219 [Some results and prospects of studies in the area of marine biochemistry and biotechnology].  
1372453 Evidence that nitric oxide production by in vivo allosensitized cells inhibits the development of allospecific CTL.  
14529519 Drugs from the sea: conotoxins as drug leads for neuropathic pain and other neurological conditions.  
14566779 A biodegradable polyurethane-ascorbic acid scaffold for bone tissue engineering.  
14593508 Diglucosyl-glycerolipids from the marine sponge-associated Bacillus pumilus strain AAS3: their production, enzymatic modification and properties.  
14623401 Recombinant collagen and gelatin for drug delivery.  
15054866 Study of puupehenone and related compounds as inhibitors of angiogenesis.  

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