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20394446 Assignment of the structure of petrocortyne A by mixture syntheses of four candidate stereoisomers.  
20510944 Reducing medical waste.  
20693331 Diversity of monomers in nonribosomal peptides: towards the prediction of origin and biological activity.  
20809226 Biological active metabolite cyclo (L-Trp-L-Phe) produced by South China Sea sponge Holoxea sp. associated fungus Aspergillus versicolor strain TS08.  
20948914 New one-pot methodologies for the modification or synthesis of alkaloid scaffolds.  
20981389 Structure and synthesis of 2-aminoimidazole alkaloids from Leucetta and Clathrina sponges.  
21116410 Antiviral lead compounds from marine sponges.  
21383508 The usefulness of the collagen and elastin sponge derived from salmon as an artificial dermis and scaffold for tissue engineering.  
21546057 Bromination of 2-methoxydiphenyl ether to an average of tetrabrominated 2-methoxydiphenyl ethers.  
21565255 Hardening of bio-silica in sponge spicules involves an aging process after its enzymatic polycondensation: evidence for an aquaporin-mediated water absorption.  

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