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11991180 Integrated approach to explore the potential of marine microorganisms for the production of bioactive metabolites.  
12485752 Microbial contamination on beef and sheep carcases in South Australia.  
12517386 Production of transgenic goats by pronuclear microinjection of in vitro produced zygotes derived from oocytes recovered by laparoscopy.  
12518800 Cytotoxicity evaluation of gelatin sponges prepared with different cross-linking agents.  
12604081 Study of the degradation of dyes by MnP of Phanerochaete chrysosporium produced in a fixed-bed bioreactor.  
12798061 Bone induction by BMP-2 transduced stem cells derived from human fat.  
12889820 L-Lactic acid production from raw cassava starch in a circulating loop bioreactor with cells immobilized in loofa (Luffa cylindrica).  
12919829 Preliminary study on the occurrence of brominated organic compounds in Dutch marine organisms.  
1367162 Production of acid proteinases by Humicola lutea mycelium immobilized in polyurethane sponge.  
1372453 Evidence that nitric oxide production by in vivo allosensitized cells inhibits the development of allospecific CTL.  

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