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12922926 Irreversible and reversible pore formation by polymeric alkylpyridinium salts (poly-APS) from the sponge Reniera sarai.  
15629803 The effects of ram exposure during progestagen oestrus synchronisation and time of ram introduction post progestagen withdrawal on fertility in ewes.  
15967490 The effect of melatonin implants during the seasonal anestrus on embryo production after superovulation in aged high-prolificacy Rasa Aragonesa ewes.  
16537793 Determination of binding site residues responsible for the subunit selectivity of novel marine-derived compounds on kainate receptors.  
17331680 Simplified superovulatory treatments in Corriedale ewes.  
1748197 A carbohydrate polymer that effectively prevents epidural fibrosis at laminectomy sites in the rat.  
17537125 Basic fibroblast growth factor in an artificial dermis promotes apoptosis and inhibits expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin, leading to reduction of wound contraction.  
17591045 Radiofrequency ablation combined with reduction of hepatic blood flow: effect of Lipiodol on coagulation diameter and ablation time in normal pig liver.  
17643297 Immobilization of Streptomyces clavuligerus on loofah sponge for the production of clavulanic acid.  
17658624 A model of human cytomegalovirus infection in severe combined immunodeficient mice.  

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