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18218475 Reverberation reduction in ultrasonic B-mode images via dual frequency image subtraction.  
18752179 Cytotoxic, mutagenic and antimutagenic screening of Arenosclera brasiliensis acetone and ethanol extracts.  
19246867 Rapid reduction of syrinx associated with traumatic intracranial hypotension by direct surgery: case report.  
19367481 Dust control effectiveness of drywall sanding tools.  
19937393 Behaviour and dynamics of di-ammonium phosphate in bauxite processing residue sand in Western Australia--I. NH3 volatilisation and residual nitrogen availability.  
21223352 Randomized controlled trial of toothbrushing to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia pathogens and dental plaque in a critical care unit.  
21620055 Postexplant residual cavity hemostasis with a TachoSil patch.  
22025594 Reducing PICU central line-associated bloodstream infections: 3-year results.  
22350474 The evolution of breast reconstruction: a historical perspective.  
23152712 Mometasone implant for chronic rhinosinusitis.  

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