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10098928 Dissociated cells of the calcareous sponge clathrina: a model for investigating cell adhesion and cell motility in vitro.  
10101111 Impulse conduction in a sponge.  
11960184 Secondary metabolites from marine microorganisms.  
16984461 Reversal of the wound healing deficit in diabetic rats by combined basic fibroblast growth factor and transforming growth factor-beta1 therapy.  
17664632 Use of statistical parametric mapping (SPM) to enhance electrical impedance tomography (EIT) image sets.  
18218475 Reverberation reduction in ultrasonic B-mode images via dual frequency image subtraction.  
19198784 Optical and nonlinear optical properties of sea glass sponge spicules.  
19845338 Lipophilic 2,5-disubstituted pyrroles from the marine sponge Mycale sp. inhibit mitochondrial respiration and HIF-1 activation.  
21533994 Characterization of Nme6-like gene/protein from marine sponge Suberites domuncula.  
21845471 Triple inhibitory activity of Cliona celata against TNF-α-induced matrix metalloproteinase-9 production via downregulated NF-κB and AP-1, enzyme activity, and migration potential.  

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