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10734400 The ovine uterus as a host for in vitro-produced bovine embryos.  
12517386 Production of transgenic goats by pronuclear microinjection of in vitro produced zygotes derived from oocytes recovered by laparoscopy.  
15521716 Effect of GnRH injection timing in the production of pronuclear-stage zygotes used for DNA microinjection.  
16725905 Micromanipulation of sheep morulae to produce monozygotic twins.  
16726909 In vitro fertilization of sheep oocytes matured in vivo.  
17066911 Presence of Salmonella in the red meat abattoir lairage after routine cleansing and disinfection and on carcasses.  
17423373 La récolte et le transfert d'embryons chez la chèvre Angora.  
17601408 Laparoscopic ovum pick-up followed by in vitro embryo production for the reproductive rescue of aged goats of high genetic value.  
19291467 The biomechanical modelling of non-ballistic skin wounding: blunt-force injury.  
21396698 Good quality sheep embryos produced by superovulation treatment without the use of progesterone devices.  

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