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17827010 Synthesis and biological activities of glycosphingolipid analogues from marine sponge Aplysinella rhax.  
1858041 Nitric oxide synthesis in the in vivo allograft response: a possible regulatory mechanism.  
18721070 Non-viral delivery of the gene for glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor to mesenchymal stem cells in vitro via a collagen scaffold.  
19165732 Effect of spongin derived from Hymeniacidon sinapium on bone mineralization.  
19198781 Silicatein: nanobiotechnological and biomedical applications.  
19535248 Synthesis and evaluation of 3''- and 4''-deoxy and -fluoro analogs of the immunostimulatory glycolipid, KRN7000.  
19712370 Antibacterial potential of antagonistic Streptomyces sp. isolated from marine sponge Dendrilla nigra.  
19777058 Purification and characterization of a collagenolytic enzyme from a pathogen of the great barrier reef sponge, Rhopaloeides odorabile.  
19877906 Synthetic extracellular matrix supports healing of mucogingival surgery donor sites.  
20376489 Sulfated polysaccharides from marine sponges: conspicuous distribution among different cell types and involvement on formation of in vitro cell aggregates.  

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