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2374231 Caudal epidural anesthesia reduces blood loss during hypospadias repair.  
2383666 Ectopic bone induction by partially purified bone extract alone or attached to biomaterials.  
3413926 Comparison of ivermectin, oxfendazole and levamisole for use as anthelmintics during the periparturient period in sheep.  
351268 Prevention of calcium stones with thiazides.  
3702662 Extraintracranial anastomosis performed by means of biological gluing materials: experimental and clinical study.  
4027792 Preoperative Gelfoam embolization of supratentorial meningiomas.  
4096653 [Features of the healing of suppurative wounds in patients undergoing treatment with collagen preparations (histochemical and electron-microscopic study)].  
6141244 The effects of BW755C and other anti-inflammatory drugs on eicosanoid concentrations and leukocyte accumulation in experimentally-induced acute inflammation.  
6326150 Inhibition of tissue damage by the arachidonate lipoxygenase inhibitor BW755C.  
6879440 Cyclosporine suppression of lymphocyte recruitment, regional blood flow, and vascular permeability at sites of allogeneic cellular interactions.  

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