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15839974 Medical haemostasis in acute hepatocyte injury and experimental liver trauma.  
15849722 Actin polymerization promotes the reversal of streaming in the apex of pollen tubes.  
16094219 Chlorhexidine-impregnated dressing for prevention of colonization of central venous catheters in infants and children: a randomized controlled study.  
16163091 Vacuum-assisted closure for sternal wounds: a first-line therapeutic management approach.  
16228839 Subcutaneous gentamycin implant to reduce wound infections after loop-ileostomy closure: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.  
16508500 Evaluation of FloSeal as a potential intracavitary hemostatic agent.  
16843518 Application of electrooxidation process for treating concentrated wastewater from distillery industry with a voluminous electrode.  
16973179 Identification of avarol derivatives as potential antipsoriatic drugs using an in vitro model for keratinocyte growth and differentiation.  
173234 Preoperative embolization of juvenile angiofibromas of the nasopharynx.  
17545322 Phylogenetic and metabolic diversity of Planctomycetes from anaerobic, sulfide- and sulfur-rich Zodletone Spring, Oklahoma.  

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